College and Career Ministry

The college and post college years bring with them unique trials and challenges.  We want to equip our young singles and couples to be faithful and thrive in all of their callings as students, employees, etc.  We also aim to come alongside of our students and minister to them as they face significant decisions during and after the college years.

CCM has merged with other classes for a special summer course called Designed By God which seeks to apply God's word to some of the most complex and contentious issues of our day including singleness, gender, and sexuality.  This meets in the Fellowship Hall starting June 3rd.


“Big Mo” Drive-in Movie Event

Saturday, July 7th

Meet at 6:30 p.m. at the main circle drive of

Cornerstone Presbyterian Church

5637 Bush River Road

Columbia, SC 29212

Double feature movie admission is $9. Picnic dinner provided. To RSVP, text Laura at 803-760-0504.  Bring a lawn chair and portable radio to tune in for movie sound.  Featured movies announced July 2ndat