What is Family Foundations?

The first Sunday of a new quarter (this year Sept 5, Dec 2, March 3, June 2) instead of traditional Sunday School, we gather all parents and children (infant through 5th) for what we call 'Family Foundations' before the worship service during the Sunday school hour.  


  • To be together
    • Today's parents are busy and many struggle to spend time with their kids let alone with other parents.  Today's kids are busy.  They spend most of their time in school and sports.  It is not just families with kids, but our singles and couples of all ages and life-stages spend their week being pulled apart and pulled in a hundred different ways.  Instead of pulling families apart, once a month we want to take a break from our routine to help everyone (couples, singles, kids, no kids) come together as a church family.
  • To worship and prepare for worship
    • Each week we will take elements of that morning's worship service and break them down into smaller bits so that kids (and kids at heart) can better understand and participate in the worship service.  We understand different kids (and adults!) learn different ways, so we will sing, interact, draw and do crafts to help them connect with the service to come.  
  • To equip parents
    • Every one labors to make worship the heart of their life together but most of us either don't know where to start or we try something so complicated that we quickly lose heart (or, for parents, our kids quickly lose interest).  We want to model a kind of devotion time for real adults, especially the busy, tired and overwhelmed ones and those with wiggly and easily distracted kids. Our goal is that you come away thinking, "I could do that."
  • To connect with staff
    • Senior Pastor Joshua Knott and Children's Director Debbie Wenger are eager to spend time getting to know, praying for, and serving our singles, couples and young families.  This is an ideal time to meet.