Moving to Monthly Communion

Communion is one of the great joys of the Christian life.  In the Lord's Supper we, as one body, feed on Christ by faith and have our faith nourished.  As we move to monthly communion and as you prepare to celebrate the Lord's Supper with us this Sunday, there are a few things to know

1) More frequent does not mean less special.  The Lord's instruction, "as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup," gives us the permission and encouragement to celebrate as frequently as we're able.

2) We'll be eating 'normal' bread.  While the Lord most certainly ate unleavened bread, there is no Biblical command that we do so.  For our gluten-free friends we'll have single servings of gluten-free bread for you to pick up on your way into the sanctuary.

3) We do not serve wine.  Just as we are free in regards to the kinds of bread we serve, we're free in regards to the kinds of grape juice we serve.  In our case, we serve grape juice instead of wine out of love for those whose conscience calls them to abstain from alcohol.

4) Once a month, on Lord's Supper Sundays, we will take a break from our current sermon series to consider a passage from the Gospels together.  While Romans is most certainly about the Lord Jesus, there is something wonderful about seeing and hearing our Savior 'in person' in the gospel narratives.  

Join us this, and every, first Sunday of the month to celebrate the Lord's Supper together.