“Ultimately we believe the Bible because we believe in the power and wisdom and goodness and truthfulness of the God whose authority and veracity cannot be separated from the Bible. We trust the Bible because it is God's Bible. And God being God, we have every reason to take him at his word.” - Kevin DeYoung


Current Sermon Series: Romans

Romans was intended to unite a divided church around the gospel and send her out, as one, to reach the nations.  Join us as we explore the riches of Romans together verse by verse, chapter by chapter.

Current Lord's Supper Sermon Series: Encounters with Christ

On the first Sunday of the month we do a number of things to celebrate our union with Christ and one another.  During Sunday School we offer a time called Family Foundations, during the worship service we celebrate the Lord's Supper, and we depart from our normal preaching series to consider a text from the Gospels.

Pulpit Ministry

Rev. Knott preaches verse by verse, chapter by chapter through books of the Bible.  His sermons are called "expository" which means that the content and intent of the sermon is directed by the content and intent of the passage of Scripture.  Even when the sermon is on a particular topic, it is still grounded in and guided by the Scriptures.